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ZaIRA Deakin

gREAT daMES & cO

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Realtor®/ Broker

"My philosophy on spaces in the past, present, and future is that they influence who we are as people, how we evolve and grow, and how we interact with the world around us for years to come."

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"My love for real estate began many years ago while helping friends find lovable rentals in the city. Fast forward to now, instilling the magic of homeownership into my clients. My romanticized approach to real estate comes from my deep admiration for what home means and how it can affect someone’s quality of life both emotionally and financially."

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"As an east-side TRANSPLANT, I enjoy working in the small pockets of communities in Indy. TheY pull me in, while focusing on the affordability aspect for my clients. Finding neighborhoods they will thrive in that are in their budget is the goal. I enjoy giving my clients the tools to feel empowered during every step of the transaction and making sure they know I’m rooting for them in all ways, always. Whichever area of Indy you choose to set up camp in, I’ve gotcha back!"

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"Z was THE BEST.

She was always

very communicative,

prompt, and accommodating. She gave us a lot of helpful information up front to help inform and equip us for the search process. She was personable, responsive, and super competent. She was super clear and prompt in communication with the seller/agent, and connected us with an amazing lender and mortgage company. I honestly can’t recommend Z enough."

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Client Testimonials

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"The home buying process is always daunting and entering these markets a first-time home buyer was overwhelming. Luckily we chose an amazing realtor who was willing to guide us with diligence and patience. We had some specific ideas of what we waNTED *AND* LOCATION BUT Z NEVEF WAVIERED IN HER BELIEF THAT WE WOULD FIND OUR HOME.sHE WAS dEEPLY INVESTED IN MAKING OUR VISION COME TRUE AND IT FELT LIKE WE WERE ALL A TEAM TOGETHER! SHE HAS A TRUE PASSION FOR THIS WORK AND WE CAN NOT RECOMMEND HER HIGHLY ENOUGH-iF YOU WANT A REALTOR WHO WILL GO ABOVE AND BEYOND, YOU'VE COME TO THE RIGHT PERSON."


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Selling my first house was a bittersweet feeling, but I couldn’t have been more relieved to have Zaira by my side to answer any and every question I had, to work so flawlessly with the unique time frame I had, and to provide me with the most reassuring, comforting support. The process was perfectly smooth and timely. She would even offer to help me paint, declutter, and find leads on rental properties (since I wasn’t looking to immediately repurchase). These things, she CHOSE to offer, but wasn’t required to. To me, that paints an amazing portrait of her character, not only as a realtor, but as a person and a friend. These days, thoughtfulness is often lost in real estate, but Zaira is a rare gem I’d recommend to anyone looking to buy or sell their home.


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Home is magic, I'm here to help you find it!